I wish I could be the type of dude that spends countless hours in the gym working his guns but I just don’t have it in me. Every time I set out to train my arms for an hour, I get distracted along the way and end up doing some kind of plyo variation or explosive movement instead. I’m not knocking bicep and tricep work at all. There’s nothing like the feeling of filling out the sleeves in your t-shirts but for me, I like to get the most amount of work done in the shortest amount of time. So just like George Constanza’s infamous scene where he cleverly satisfies two needs (eating a submarine sandwich while making love), I’ve found 3 ways to hit my biceps and legs at the same time.

Here’s the breakdown:

1. Sumo Barbell Squat Curls – 6x at 115lbs.
2. Split Squat Dumbbell Drop Curls – 6x per side at 25-30lbs
3. Wall Sit Alternating Curls – AMRAP then hold for 10-15 sec
Repeat for 3 additional rounds


The end of summer is almost here and I’ve never felt so motivated to take my fitness to the next level. Typically I’d be using the lame excuse, “I’m trying to make the most out of the last few days of summer” so that I could cram in a few more burgers and drink a few more beers before the end of August. So what’s changed this time around? My training has switched up and my diet has too.

I’ve committed to working out 6 days a week – 2 days of bodybuilding style workouts, 2 days of metabolic conditioning style workouts, and the last two days are focused on active recovery like a 4hr hike or performing some hill sprints. This style of training has left me feeling refreshed and inspired to workout.

Secondly, I feel my diet has given me a boost of energy too. I switched over from being a heavy meat eater to a vegetarian diet for 85-90% of my weekly food intake. I’ve given myself a bit of slack and allow myself to have animal products 10-15% of the time so I can still enjoy the occasional burger or pizza slice. Truth be told, I’ve actually been doing this for the past 2 months and feel awesome! Instead of force feeding myself 4 chicken breast per day, I’m enjoying my meals loads more. Most of my calories are coming from plant based carbs and healthy fats. I’ve been crushing a variety of legumes, fruits and vegetables and haven’t missed the days of choking on a dry piece of chicken breast.

If you’re interested in switching over too and are highly active, I suggest eating tons each day to keep your energy levels up. In a typical day, I consume at least 2-3 sweet potatoes, 2-3 massive bean salads bowls with other veggies, 2 vegan protein shakes, 2-3 avocadoes daily and I sprinkle B12-rich nutritional yeast on everything.


It’s been a week since I’ve come back from my trip to Nova Scotia and I’m finally getting a chance to sit at my desk and write about it. My wife and I generally book a couple trips per year to NS to visit her family so we’ve become very familiar with the area. This time around we wanted to experience it in different way, meaning when we didn’t want to sit around too much consuming bad food and just spending time seeing family and friends (rest assured we did that too!) We decided to research a few different hiking trails and fun outdoor activities we could do with her family while staying active.

The first hike we did was the Cape Split trail (see pic above). The total hike was about 3 hours (1.5 hours in/1.5 hours back). It was the perfect activity to get moving, engage with family and burn some of my mother in laws homemade tea biscuits. Damn those bad boys were good! At the end of the trail is a beautiful view of  2 separate rock formations and a walk out to the edge of the cliff. It’s crazy how rubbery your legs get with the thought of being on a narrow piece of rock 200 ft high.

The next day we went out on another hike, Blomidon Trail. This one was 4 hours total time, way harder and didn’t offer much of a view at the end. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you like going through torn bushes and getting bit by massive horse flies.

The day after we attended my wife’s cousin’s wedding at the Pictou Lodge. As I was checking in, I noticed the lodge had free access to canoes and paddle boards so we woke up early the next morning and enjoyed peaceful canoe around the lake. Being latino (latino people don’t canoe) and from a big city, I literally had to youtube how to sit in canoe. As my wife would point out, this was after I fell into the lake.

Nearing the final days of our trip, we spent a day at Rainbow Haven beach. Nova Scotia is filled with beautiful beaches off the coast but let me warn you, the water never really warms up for swimming (even in August). I looked at it as an opportunity to work on my mental toughness. Actually, if my sister in law hadn’t splashed me repeatedly I probably wouldn’t have fully submerged myself.

All in all, I had an awesome trip and I’m glad we were able to include some activity into our travels. I found that a vacation doesn’t have to be a complete write off when it comes to your fitness goals. There’s plenty of ways to stay on track if you keep your eyes open and are motivated.


The best thing I ever did to help reach my fitness goals was to create an Instagram account. I had been training for over 15 years when I discovered the power of social media to both help motivate and keep me accountable. Instagram got me excited about training again and now I’m in the best shape of my life.

The simple act of sharing parts of my workout, what I was eating and drinking, and also connecting with other like-minded people has created a sense of accountability and helped me establish new healthy habits.

Here are a few tips on how you can use social media to help you reach your wellness goals:

1. Share as much as you can – Don’t worry about the likes and who’s watching. Even if no one ever sees it, it’s a great way for you to have a visual log of all your hard work you’ve been putting in towards your goals. Commit to posting a minimum of 3x per week.

2. Engage with other fitness accounts – There’s a reason the hashtag #fitfam exists. There are plenty of other people just like you that are into working out and living a healthy lifestyle. Follow them, get inspired, comment and reach out. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

3. Set goals and document them – Whether it’s completing a 5K run, performing a physical feat, or simply drinking more water everyday. Document the process and share your accomplishments with others. Most people will be genuinely happy for you and a little support goes a long way.

We all know it’s not always easy to take time to yourself to reboot and recharge, so Flow Water’s ‘From Canada With Love’ contest is offering consumers a chance to win a trip for 2 to the ultimate wellness retreat! Entering is easy: just pick up a specially marked Flow (available at Loblaws, Whole Foods or Pusateri’s) with a UID number and visit fromcanadawithlove.com. Contest is open until Aug. 30th. Good luck!


The action shot is everything in the online fitness world. It’s a way of showcasing a particular skill or feat of athleticism in an exciting way. It’s also a way to show your body in motion rather than another lame bathroom selfie.

I’ve been killing the action shot theme for a while now and it’s become increasingly difficult to conjure up new concepts without doing the same sprinter lunge that everyone and their grandma is doing these days.

Take the photo above for example – I shot this photo by myself with a tripod and a self timer and I think it turned out pretty cool. Granted if Jodi was available at the time, she would have be able to capture it with a lot more clarity. But you gotta do what you gotta do to get sh*t done! This photo was also shared on the TRX Training Instagram page (click here) and website blog page. And yes, I’m totally bragging right now, lol.

So how do you get your own awesome action shot images? Here’s a quick checklist of things to consider before shooting.

  1. Location is key. I always look for something architecturally stunning or a clean minimalist background. The location or lack thereof can make or break a photo.
  2. Form has to be on point! In order for this type of shot to be effective, it needs to look like it could be done with your eyes closed. Point that toe, extend those arms, go with an effortless or intense facial expression. Basically fitness model the heck out of that picture.
  3. Choose a fast shutter speed. You want your image to be as sharp as possible so whenever shooting action shots, go with a super fast shutter speed. It kills me that I’m not entirely in focus in the pic above but that’s because I was using a self timer and didn’t have someone to click the shutter.
  4. Wear the right clothes. Form fitting clothes are best. Wearing baggy or loose clothes is only going to detract from the movement itself.
  5. Be ready to do multiple takes. People often think you will get THE shot after a few takes. It’s important to shoot a few attempts then review it on the camera and fix what you don’t like. After all, you supposed to be working out in the photo so why not go for a few extra reps and sets!

Hope that helps and you found it useful. Good luck and happy shooting!


I started working out when I was 15 years old. I used to easily spend 1.5 hours in the gym making sure I didn’t miss a set – 6 days a week. These days, if I spend an hour in the gym it’s an anomaly. What’s changed?! 

Well for starters, my motivation has changed. I used to live and breathe from the articles of bodybuilding magazines. I would read them cover to cover, even the ads, and follow the experts advice to the tee. I wanted to look like these superhuman individuals and was willing to do whatever it takes. 

Now a days, my motivation behind training has shifted. I’m less concerned with how I’m going to look from training and I’m more concerned about being able to do cool sh*t! I want to be able to sprint, jump, push, climb, hang, pull, hang, swing etc and I want to do it without getting hurt. My training has shifted from working on body parts to training for life!

Second of all, I’m no longer on a regular schedule. My life has changed so much in the last few years. I went from private training 6-8 clients per day to private training 2-3 per day. The other part of my day is spent planning, creating, shooting and editing content for both my Jodi and I’s social channels. We often underestimate how long a project is going to take and end up working late. This new schedule means I don’t really have the luxury to spend hours at the gym. I have to get in what I can and make the most out of my time. 

Workouts are now focused on exercises that work multiple muscle groups with a mix of weighted, bodyweight and cardio movements. Every day is different and it constantly changes. If I’m really sore, I train a smaller muscle groups like arms and core so that I can recover for the next workout. If I’m short on time, I run a quick circuit. If I’m bored, I work on some fun skills like handstands. I’m working hard for those 30-60 minutes and the best part is, I’m enjoying each workout.

This is what training is all about. It should be fun, it should be specific to you, and it should be something you are able to do daily. If you’ve fallen into a rut with your routine, don’t be afraid to mix it up. It doesn’t always have to be so systematic, get in there and just get moving!


My wife and I recently booked a trip for Victoria Day long weekend to Montreal. We chose Montreal because it’s only a 5-hour drive from Toronto, it’s one of our favourite Canadian cities and we had earned quite a few American Express Membership Rewards points that we wanted to use towards our hotel stay! Once we booked our hotel for the trip, all we had to do was login to our Amex account and use our points to offset the hotel purchase. So easy!

There was literally no shame in our game when it came to taking photos in every corner of our hotel. Everything was super picturesque and Insta-worthy. As soon as we arrived, we dropped off our bags and went straight to the rooftop bar to take in the city view.

The food in Montreal was top notch. I received so many great recommendations when it came to eats and I never had a bad meal throughout my stay.

I also found plenty of spots to get my caffeine fix. My Americano intake was at an all-time high because every corner I turned I’d find a cool cafe where I could sit and chill.

While I was on-the-go, I could keep an eye on spending throughout the trip using the Amex App – I viewed my balance and stayed on top of my account spending by keeping track of all my recent & pending transactions charged to my Card. The Amex App was also ideal for easy tap payments. It was super handy to be wallet-free all weekend.

Old Montreal is as scenic as it gets. The old European style buildings made me want to explore even more, so I hit the streets for a run. I also needed to work off some of the Croque Monsieurs I ate!

On our last night, we met a friend, a local, and went to an amazing sushi bar, Park. It didn’t disappoint!

And of course, we made sure to use our Amex on all our purchases to ensure we racked up those points. I’m always striving to travel more, so it only makes sense to accumulate more points so I can redeem them for more experiences from flight, hotels, car rentals and much more. We had a great trip in Montreal and will definitely be back again!

*This post was sponsored by Amex Bank of Canada. The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely my own.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kraft Peanut Butter. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have a serious love for peanut butter and I rarely say ‘no thanks’ when it’s part of the ingredient list. For me, it’s really important to be conscious of what goes into my body and how it will affect my goals and performance. I try to eat healthy 80-90% of the time and unhealthy 10-20%. If it’s bad for me then it has to be worth it! In order to stay on track and prevent falling off my diet, I like to include foods that don’t make me feel like I’m depriving myself.

That’s why PB fits perfectly into my nutrition game. It’s the perfect food for making my sugar cravings disappear. I especially like to start my day off with a chocolate vegan protein Kraft Peanut Butter smoothie. If you’re anything like me, you’re already sold when you hear the words PB & Chocolate in the same sentence but let me tell you why this is my go-to smoothie, first.

I’m typically in a rush first thing in the morning, so a smoothie for breakfast saves time. Adding a scoop or two of PB to your smoothie is a great way start the day and keep you feeling full. The fat is great for slowing down the digestion of protein so that it’s released slower into your blood stream throughout the day. It’s also important for me to keep my energy up given that I am super active and need to stay fuelled.

I had a chance to try the new Kraft PB all natural line and they taste amazing! The best part of all is that the new formulas are sweetened with one simple ingredient – honey or sea salt flavours or not sweetened at all (natural flavour).

Here’s my favourite smoothie recipe below. You won’t be disappointed!

30g of vegan chocolate protein protein

1 cup of almond milk

1 cup of frozen chopped bananas

1 cup of frozen spinach

2 tbsp of cocoa powder (since I like it the chocolate taste to be intense)

2 big tbsp of Kraft Peanut Butter (honey flavour)

For more info on the new line of Kraft PB’s click here: http://www.kraftcanada.com/brands/kraft-peanut-butter/kraft-all-natural-peanut-butter

Visit Sponsors Site


We just came back from a 7 day trip in Cayo Coco, Cuba and had a blast! The weather was beautiful, the ocean looked straight out of a Travel & Leisure article and despite what I had heard about the food in Cuba, it was pretty good at our resort.

When we first arrived to our room, I noticed an odd thing in the bathroom – I noticed a scale. For most people, this is the last thing they want to see while vacationing but I decided that I would weigh myself before & after the trip to see what kind of damage I did over the course of an all inclusive week.

To my surprise, my weight stayed relatively the same throughout the trip and I didn’t feel like I sacrificed any enjoyment in the process. We work so hard to look good on vacation and it’s a shame to lose all your gains.

Here are few tips on how to keep lean without skimping on having fun.


When it comes to drinks, I made a conscious decision to avoid beer because of the instant bloating. It didn’t seem worth it to me. My choice of drinks were Mojitos without sugar, A glass of Champagne and the occasional whiskey on ice. Champagne is only 80 cals per glass. Even though it’s kind of a lame drink choice, it’s only b/n 2-8g of sugar per glass depending on the type. When you skip out on high sugar cocktails you keep your insulin levels from going nuts.


It’s easy to get sucked into the Americanized foods at all inclusives such as burgers, fries & pizza but let’s be honest, Cubans aren’t known for this type of cuisine so why not go for Cuban food staples. I stuck with high protein foods like fish, chicken, beans and went for fattier cuts like bacon or pulled pork on occasion.The fatty meats made up for the lack of processed carbs and keep me satiated.


We literally walked everywhere and often. There was a golf cart that came around to give you a lift but we skipped out and used it as a chance to explore.

We swam everyday in the ocean and in the pools. In between swims, I brought my baseball glove to play catch on the beach instead of lounging around all day.

We also committed to hitting the gym 3/7 days. The idea wasn’t to workout too intensely but rather to maintain, so sessions were limited to 30min full body circuits. Who wants to spend their holidays in a gym?! Not me!

Despite all of my efforts, I cut myself some slack on a few meals and ate and drank whatever I wanted. The 80/20 rule is always a good strategy and will keep you from feeling completely restricted.


I’ve always been a bit of a sneaker head. You know the type – we soak our new sneakers with shoe protectant spray for days and will consider physically harming the first person to step on them. You can’t be thrown in jail for your thoughts, can you?!

Kidding aside, I’ve been leaning more towards simpler sneaker styles lately. The cleaner looking the sneaker is the more I’m drawn to it. I find that when a sneaker is less busy the more versatile it is and can be worn with clothes outside of fitness gear.

Here is my latest find. The Adidas X-PLR. I liked this sneaker so much that I bought them in both black + white. What do you guys think?


There’s no secret to staying motivated.

The amount of articles I come across asking you to write down all your reasons for wanting change on a list hurts my head. It’s great to identify your reasons but deep down inside we all really know why we seek change. Making a mental list shouldn’t take more than a few seconds. It really comes down to DOING something about it.

We’ve lost touch with how the process of change really works and it comes through direct action. We hear it all the time, “Get started and everything will fall into place,” or “Showing up is half the battle.” And it’s true!

How many times have you dragged your feet to the gym and noticed that you get a sudden burst of energy after performing a few warm up sets? What seemed like an insurmountable task is no longer once you get started. It’s time to spend way less energy on contemplating change and getting bogged down with the details. Join a class, walk to work or workout first thing in the morning. With fitness as accessible as it is these days there really is no excuse.

I’m going to leave you with a quick tip that has helped me in the past – Grab a calendar (no iphones) and mark an ‘X’ on the days you hit the gym. Once the month is over, you will have a clear picture of how many days you actually trained and what kind of gaps you had between training sessions. The numbers won’t lie to you and will give you realistic expectations on getting the results you want.


Sometimes we don’t realize how long it can actually take to get results. We live in a world where instant gratification traps and false advertising are constantly in your face. That new weight loss supplement probably isn’t going to do shit. That instagram model/celebrity with the great body isn’t telling you they took steroids or had surgical enhancements. That new tv show where everyone loses 50lbs or more isn’t telling you that participants are working out for 6hrs a day under the supervision of top industry pros while consuming a 600 calorie per day diet. If it sounds to good to be true, most of the time it is. The best advice I can offer someone  is to be patient, be consistent (just show up) and be realistic. Happy training my friends!

Week 3 Meta-Circuit: Repeat 3x this week

  1. Squat Press to Battle Ropes – 8x/30 Sec
  2. High Pulls to Dumbbell Walkouts – 8x
  3. Superman Pushups – 10x
  4. Resistance Bands Split Squats – 10x per side
  5. Superman Towel or Slider Planks – 5x
  6. Dragon Flags – 5x
  7. Lateral Jump Bench Burpees – 10x per side

Repeat for 3 rounds


Your goals don’t care if it’s cold, raining or snowing. Get up and go after it!

Week 2 Meta-Circuit: Repeat 3x this week

1) Dumbbell Lateral Jump Squats – 10x per side
2) Dumbbell Clean + Press – 8x
3) Weighted Split Squats to Plyo Split Squats – 10x/10x per side
4) Elevated Plank Rows – 8x per side
5) Weighted Pushups – 15x
6) Dragon Flag Negatives – 5x
7) Weighted Towel or Slider Tucks – 15x
Repeat for 3 total rounds


Happy New Year fit fam!

I hope you guys had a great holiday and enjoyed the end of year downtime. If you’re anything like me you did some major damage over the break and it’s time to un-do the holiday sins. I’ve had my fill of Turtles and Old Fashions and I’d like to see my abs again. Please come back, I promise I won’t take you for granted again!

I’m also super pumped to announce that I’ve teamed up with Winners for the whole month of January and I’ll be sharing a killer workout each week to help get you back on track. Before you thank me, give it a shot. You might not like me afterwards!

Week 1 Meta-Circuit: Perform 3x per week

1. One Arm Burpee to Snatch – 8x per side
2. RDL to Back Row – 10x per side
3. Rotational Dumbbell Lunge – 10x per side
4. Towel or Slider Pushups – 15x
5. Plank Drag/Pulls – 8x per side
6. Weighted Leg Raises – 10x
7. Towel or Slider Mountain Climbers – 45 sec

Repeat for 3 total rounds


Hey fit fam, the week before Christmas is always a busy one! Sticking to your workouts can be tricky during the holidays which is why I like to keep my workouts short and fun this time of year. Here’s a quick pushup circuit that I’m sure you guys will dig. A pair of hand towels are a great alternative if you don’t own sliders, just be careful on the last one.

    1. One Arm Sliding Pushup to Pike – 10x per arm
    2. Plyo Tuck Pushup to Single Cross Tuck – 5x per movement
    3. Staggered Plyo Slider Swap Pushups – 10x

*Repeat for 3 total rounds



If you are reading this and haven’t started holiday shopping yet than you’re probably a guy. We are the worst! We literally wait until the last second possible hoping to land an epic gift (only to find that they only sizes left are way too small or way too big.) I hope she likes the whole spanx tight/oversized look.

Women are different. They actually put in some effort and want to make their men happy. So for all the women looking to shop for him, I’ve got you covered well in advance so you can spend the rest of your time working on your “I-love-this present-but-really-hate-it” expression when it’s time to open your gift.

Thomas Sabo is the answer. Their pieces are the perfect balance between timeless and badass making them super versatile. I recently picked up their Rebel Spirit Chrono watch and the Rebel at Heart Bracelet. I’m a sucker for clean pieces like this that I can wear with jeans and a tee or dressed up with a blazer and collared shirt. I definitely have my eye on a few other pieces from the TS line but for now, I’m really happy with these finds. Remember, keep it classic and you’ll never go wrong.

*Advertorial post in collaboration with Thomas Sabo


I watched a powerful documentary the other night on P.K. Subban’s road to success and learned how much of a class act this dude is. Call it corny but I really love watching this type of motivational shit because I always feel re-inspired and re-invigorated to tackle my week and handle my biz. Case in point, I tweaked my knee a few days ago and started feeling sorry for myself until I watched this doc. Before the special had ended, I was feeling renewed and started pumping out sets of pushups on my living room floor. Just because my knee needs time to heal that doesn’t mean I need to stop training all together! We all have excuses and it’s easy to give into them but when you’re ready to drop them, you’ll find your results.

Here’s a few moves I performed the other day that hit my back and core without aggravating my knee injury.


If you’re anything like me, picking up new fitness gear is always a good motivator to re-commit to training. It’s like any long-term relationship where it’s important to find ways to keep the interest going and sometimes presents to myself in the form of workout gear are the answer. After all, Me & My Fitness have been hot and heavy since 2001. Kidding aside, the simple task of investing in your training gear can be enough of an incentive to get your ass moving. Here are some of my latest finds from Lululemon.

Metal Vent Tech Shirt: This long sleeve training shirt is perfect for staying warm while allowing for the right amount of cooling once you start working up a sweat. The anti-odor lining technology lets you rest assured that you won’t be the stinky guy at the gym.

T.H.E. Short  + Metal Vent Thermal Tech Tights: These two are a perfect combo so that you can move with agility and get the proper coverage.

Out Run Gloves – Whether you’re running or training outdoors, gloves are must to ensure your hands stay warm and your grip stays tight. Plus, they are the finishing touch to looking like a fitness ninja.

Are these clothes going to make you jump higher, run faster or train longer? Absolutely not but in a weird psychological way, when you dress like you’re going to kill it at the gym, you’re more likely to.

Get the Gear:  Metal Vent Tech Long Sleeve // T.H.E. Short // Metal Vent Thermal Tights // Out Run Gloves


*This post was sponsored by Lululemon but all opinions are my own.


There’s a huge misconception that spending more time in the gym equates to getting better results. With so many demands on our time from our relationship, our family and friends, our careers etc. it’s hard to justify taking an 1 1/2 out of your day to commit to fitness #AintNobodyGotTimeForDat. Here is a workout I did that completely crushed my whole body and only took 35min (coined the “Inferno Workout” because of the rep scheme). Short and sweet and to the point. Happy Training guys!

Inferno Workout:
1. Dumbbell Row to Squat Clean – 6 reps with 45lbs
2. Squat Jump to Squat Curls – 6 reps with 45lbs
3. Shuttle Pushups to Cross Crunch Plank – 6 reps per side
—Repeat for 5 rounds—


For most guys, it’s really hard to step up one’s style game without feeling like you’re trying too hard. There’s dudes that are fashion forward and then there’s dudes who just want to feel sharp enough to hit up a new restaurant, attend an event or show their date that they’re not going to have to be dressed by her if they actually land her.

An easy fix is to find a well tailored wool coat that you can throw on with anything. This Zara tan coat is it.

I paired this look with my go-to All Saints grey denim (that I shredded myself), my Topman denim shirt and Common Project Sneakers.


Hey guys! Hope you’re having a great week. I know things can get a bit hectic considering the year is coming to an end and it’s US Thanksgiving this weekend but I’m here to remind you (like the annoying but persistent trainer that I am) to get your workouts in. It’s especially important this time of year to take the time to focus on your health. The workout below only took 15 minutes (not including breaks) and my legs were fried! Give it shot!

Med Ball Circuit:
1. Speed Skater Toss – 30 sec per side
2. Lateral Wall Ball – 60 sec
3. Plyo Lunge Rotational Toss – 45 sec
—Rest for 30-60 sec and repeat for 5 rounds—

Get the Gear: Nike Tech Fleece Hoodie // Nike Tech Fleece Pant // Nike Ultrafast Flyknit Sneaker // Med Ball (similar)


In case you haven’t noticed, it’s finally cold outside. As Canadians we knew the warmer-than-usual temps weren’t going to last very long. That being said, we’re used to taking our activities outdoors and thriving (or at least being too proud to admit it’s the slightest bit chilly). Minus 30 you say?! That’s nothing!

Introducing the Nike Hyperwarm Aeroloft training top. Warm AF and makes you look like you mean business. Athlete or superhero? You decide.


I recently picked up the perfect bomber from Japanese inspired store, Uniqlo. If you don’t already own one, make sure to pick up this fall staple soon before you miss out on the season.

Shoes // Nike Air Tavas


If you’re anything like me, you want everything you ever dreamt of achieving, today. Not tomorrow, not in 5 years, you want it now! I find myself asking the universe questions like, ‘How much longer until this happens?’ or ‘Am I doing something wrong’ or ‘Do I need to do this instead?’ I’m in a constant state of what’s to come and drumming up ways to fast track my road to success.

Before I continue, I want to side track for a second. Earlier this week, I received multiple messages from an instagrammer (whom I’ve never personally met) asking how I became a Nike Trainer. This individual didn’t really introduce themselves rather they barraged me with a bunch of questions on what to they needed to do in order to get noticed by Nike. I always like to help others because I feel it always comes back to you. I gave this person as much advice as I could, only to find out a few days later that this person unfollowed me. SMH. Being unfollowed normally wouldn’t bother me but I found this tactic a bit advantageous to say the least. This person’s attitude gave me a chance to reflect on what it took for myself to get noticed by Nike.

What was the secret to being picked to be 1 of 7 Canadian Nike Trainers?

Over 12 years. Flat out, it wasn’t anything I did on instagram or a personal connection or how many continuing education courses I’ve taken.

It was a culmination of all my years of hard work and passion in a field I love. Success takes time. This righteous need for instant gratification is what keeps us from enjoying the process and keeps us from ever really being happy. Believe me, I haven’t necessarily achieved all my life goals but here’s what I’ve learned:

Remind yourself to take your time, be honest and work your ass off daily! That’s it, don’t worry about anyone else. You just do you!


Last night was truly an epic experience at the #UnlimitedUnleashed Nike Training Club event! I couldn’t help but leave the event feeling completely inspired by all of the great energy everyone had and the overall intention to put in the work!

The workout was inspired our Canadian Decathelete Bronze Medalist winner, Damian Warner. The decathlon is one badass event simply because you have to master multiple Olympic level skills in order to compete over the course of 10 events.

Attendees were running, jumping, cutting, pushing, pulling and sweating!

The workout was tough but we were all in it together. Even the trainer’s were drenched in sweat. As a reward for everyone’s hard work, each individual was gifted a free pair of the latest Nike kicks.

This was my first class as an instructor and it reminded me exactly why I got into training in the first place. The feeling of watching other’s strive towards their goals and helping them push further is priceless #RealTalk. Thanks to everyone who came out, worked hard and introduce themselves. Make sure you join us on the next one!


Hey guys, I’m super pumped to announce that I’m an official Nike Trainer! This is a significant milestone for me because I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 12 years and to have Nike’s recognition means the world to me. Working with such an iconic brand means I’ll be able to share my knowledge and skills to a larger audience while looking so fresh and so clean at the same time. If you’re a trainer and sneaker addict, I know you get me right now. Stay tuned for future events! #SwooshLife


*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kellogg’s® Vector®. All opinions are 100% mine.

I heard a great quote once that has really shaped my way of thinking and has helped me continually progress. Ready for it? It’s “Get comfortable being uncomfortable.” It’s short and to the point. Whether it’s pushing past the pain while working out, or putting yourself in a situation that makes you feel awkward, anything worth doing comes with a bit of resistance and pain. As a naturally shy person, I used to hate public speaking or attending a networking event. Truth be told, I would have rather squatted until my legs crumbled beneath me. That’s because working out was part of my regular routine and within my comfort zone. A lot has changed since then.

I’ve pushed myself to do things that I knew would be good for me long term, even if it meant being uncomfortable while doing them. I’ve been on tv segments, interviews in front of a crowd, and attended plenty of networking events. I’m no pro but I’m getting better and it’s all because I stepped up and challenged myself.

It’s not too late to get out of your comfort zone and join the Vector 21 Day challenge. It’s easy to enter and there are awesome prizes to be won (a Fitness Pack valued at $1000 or 2 secondary prizes worth $500 and 21 days worth of Vector* products)! It’s a great opportunity to find your motivation and become inspired by your efforts! Here’s what you need to know:

Post a pic on either the Vector* FB page, or on your Instagram or Twitter page everyday, for 21 days (you can start today as Day 1). Show us how you push yourself mentally or physically using the hashtag #TasteVectory. Make sure your account is set to public and use the appropriate handles (FB & Insta: @Vector. Twitter: @Vector_ca). For full contest details click here.

Try Vector®, Taste Vectory® #TasteVectory #ad

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Last weekend, we spent 3 epic days at the Wayhome Music & Arts Festival courtesy of our friends at Topman & TopShop.

The overall vibe of the event was super chilled but fun at the same time. You totally got the sense that Wayhomies are serious about their music and that the artists/bands are equally as pumped to perform. From Chvrches to Third Eye Blind bringing the 90’s nostalgia, there was something for everyone without any weak links in the lineup.

Jodi and I were outfitted in all of the latest Topman & TopShop threads from head-to-toe, each day sporting a new look. Our looks even ended up being featured on Narcity.com #sweet! The Topman/Topshop lounge was definitely where it was at! Including a custom bandana making station, a swing set selfie booth and a live DJ killing it.

We also had access to the VIP area with The Drake serving up gourmet Tacos, Burgers and Fried Rice. Although the food trucks surrounding the festival had some wicked options (even healthy ones) as well.

In comparison to other festivals, Wayhome did everything right. The music, food and festival activities were on point! Definitely coming back next year!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kellogg’s® Vector®. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s Day 8 of the Vector 21 Day challenge. Have you started to #TasteVectory?

The other night, I was out of town sitting in my hotel room, and I happened to catch the Semi Finals episode of American Ninja Warrior. This is the type of show that I would’ve written off before as being more a game show spectacle than an actual test of athleticism. I was definitely wrong. These dudes are real athletes! (picture) When I saw the amount of muscular endurance, strength and coordination required to perform these obstacles, I was definitely inspired. One individual in particular, Travis Rosen, a dad of 3, crushed the course with a record time. I was so inspired in that moment that I started performing handstands in the middle of the room until my wrists were sore.

I started thinking to myself that inspiration can come from many different sources or aspects of life, but that true inspiration will make you stop dead in your tracks and propel you into actions that will make a change! I’m always game for a little self-improvement and I feel like, if you’ve stopped by to read my blog, you’re that type of person too.

It’s not too late to join the Vector 21 Day challenge. It’s easy to enter and there are awesome prizes to be won (a Fitness Pack valued at $1000 or 2 secondary prizes worth $500 and 21 days worth of Vector* products)! It’s a great opportunity to find your motivation and become inspired by your efforts! Here’s what you need to know: Post a pic on either the Vector* FB page, or on your Instagram or Twitter page everyday, for 21 days (you can start today as Day 1). Show us how you push yourself mentally or physically using the hashtag #TasteVectory. Make sure your account is set to public and use the appropriate handles (FB & Insta: @Vector. Twitter: @Vector_ca). For full contest details click here. Try Vector®, Taste Vectory® #TasteVectory #ad


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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kellogg’s® Vector®. All opinions are 100% mine.

When it comes to staying motivated there are so many ways you can go wrong and end up with a goal that fails faster than a New Year’s resolution. The truth is it’s hard to stay motivated when you take a look at all the external forces that are up against you. The reasons why you can’t stay motivated pile up fast and make you feel overwhelmed. Let’s change that! Here are 3 major keys that I personally use to stay motivated.

  1. Accountability. The reason I started my Instagram account 3 years ago was to keep me accountable. Posting new exercise or workout videos has really helped me continually challenge myself and helped me stay on track. You may find a training partner works better for you or getting your family or friends involved but motivation lasts much longer when you surround yourself with the right people (including social media) who want what you want, which is to have a better quality of life!
  2. Just Move. Too many people get caught up in the perfect program. There’s no such thing. Just being active for any amount of time is better than not moving at all. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a bad day, you’re too tired, too sore, fell off your diet or had an argument. Your goals don’t care about any of that. Instead, take your dog for a walk, go shoot some hoops after work or perform a few ab exercises while you watch TV. There are so many ways outside of the gym to burn calories and reinforce healthy living. Just start moving and be present in your workout or activity. It doesn’t have to be perfect every time.
  3. Find your Reason ‘Why’. This is by far the most important key to staying motivated and it starts with finding out ‘why’ you’re making a change in the first place. It’s about you and your life and how you feel not anyone else’s opinion. Don’t compete with others – focus on your own goals. I train because I want to feel like the best possible version of myself!

If you’re feeling extra motivated after reading this, make sure to sign up for the Vector® 21-day Challenge. It’s easy to enter and there are awesome prizes to be won (a Fitness Pack valued at $1000 or 2 secondary prizes worth $500 and 21 days worth of Vector* products)! It’s a great opportunity to challenge yourself further and kick-start your goals!

Here’s a quick breakdown on how to enter:

Post a pic on either the Vector* FB page, or on your Instagram or Twitter page everyday, for 21 days. Show us how you push yourself mentally or physically using the hashtag #TasteVectory. Make sure your account is set to public and use the appropriate handles (FB & Insta: @Vector. Twitter: @Vector_ca). For full contest details click here.

Try Vector®, Taste Vectory® #TasteVectory #ad

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Are you starting to get pumped up?! Wayhome is only a week away! It’s going to be 3 days of wicked bands/artists, food, art and film. I’m actually listening to a ‘Keys N Krates’ remix right now as I write this. #DancePartyForOne

To help you guys figure out the last details before Wayhome, I’ve put together a quick cheat list on TOPMAN essentials to complete your festival looks. These pieces are functional enough to handle the heat but stylish enough to get you noticed.

There’s something about a bandana that makes you feel like a total badass (maybe I’ve seen one too many biker gang movies.) All that aside, This style piece alone can take your look from basic to festival ready. If you’re struggling on how to pull it off, wrapping it around your wrist is an easy way to wear it. There’s plenty of Youtube tutorials on how to fold it as well.


A great pair of sunglasses are a must. There’s no way you can withstand hours under the sun without squinting like you’ve lost your contacts. Not a good look my friends. TOPMAN has so many different styles of frames from Aviators to Wayfarers. Find the one that suits your face and rock on.


This backpack is so amazing I had to snap two pictures. The premium suede is so soft that it could double as a pillow. That’s right Wayhomies, I just gave you a camping hack, you’re welcome. Joking aside, you need a backpack for functionality’s sake. Pack your sunscreen, water, snacks and go.


I’m not a big jewellery type of guy but a cool subtle necklace like this one can really step up your game.


The boot game at TOPMAN is unreal. I personally have 3 pairs of these Chelsea boots (Black, Tan, & Taupe) because they are so versatile. You can rock these bad boys with a pair of shorts or denim. What I dig the most is that these boots will be transitioned into my Fall wardrobe. Total win.


Dressing like a grown man during festival season can be a challenge, especially when your counterparts are going shirtless or wearing over the top costumes. Don’t worry bros, I’ve got you covered with 5 TOPMAN tees that make you look stylish and are rugged enough to handle a day of hot weather and sick music.

The White Tee is a classic and always looks good. Easy to throw on and super lightweight. Roll up the sleeves in a slanted fashion and wrap a bandana around your wrist to make this look stand out.


The Cut Off is an elevated version of the muscle tank. It allows you to show off a little bit of the pipes while keeping it tasteful. Make sure to wear this one a bit oversized to prevent looking like a washed up WWE wrestler.


This isn’t just any tan tee. The pre-rolled sleeves and the scoop hemline make this tee anything but basic. Keep it cool and avoid adding too many western details when wearing this color. Otherwise you risk looking too count-ray.


The Black tee is a must. Goes with everything and comes with an instant cool factor.


Kanye has been killing it lately with the perfect sand colored neutrals. This Stucco tee falls into that category with it’s blended cotton and longline hem. Throw on a pair of ripped white shorts or similar shade pants for a monochrome look. #LamborghiniMercy

Event Recap

Music festival season is officially upon us and as the weather gets warmer, the balance between feeling comfortable and looking cool is a top priority. If you’re looking for something more than a neon tank top and matching headband, head over to Topman. It is THE destination when it comes to finding your festival ready looks and as dudes, this makes the whole shopping experience as simple as possible #winning

Jodi and I recently had the opportunity to host the Topman x Wayhome event at Hudson’s Bay to showcase some of our festival style & looks we put together. I must admit, it was pretty cool to talk about our individual style, inspiration and any tips we had for festival goers. My biggest tip – Don’t forget about your layering game. Even if it’s super hot, it’s always good to have an extra layer like a bomber or denim jacket to tie around your waist. This will take your classic tee or tank and elevate the whole look.

In case you missed it, the event had a live DJ, a selfie booth, a live Q & A with Jodi, myself and The Kit, donuts and 20% of your purchase. Check out the pictures below.


I was recently invited to a Nike Training workout event that was described as 30min of circuit training and 30min of interval running.  Now if I’m being completely honest, my style of cardio typically includes pushing a weighted sled, using battle ropes or working out really really reaaally fast. I had been slacking on my long distance game but I decided to attend the event, regardless.  Needless to say, I survived but I didn’t perform to the best of my abilities. The next day, I vowed to  start including short 3-5K runs into my training.  What I discovered is that running doesn’t suck that much!  I get to be outdoors (granted it’s summer in Toronto), check out new areas of the city that I normally wouldn’t have an excuse to explore and most importantly, I’m improving my health.  I’m 4 weeks in and haven’t missed a planned run.  I will keep you guys posted to see if it sticks.

Nike Train Versatility TB

Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren

If there’s one item that every dude must have in their closet, it’s a pair of good quality denim that can step up any look, regardless of the occasion. And when you spend 70% of your time in fitness clothes, you better believe you want to wear a pair of denim that feels just as comfortable. Enter Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren. I recently had the chance to partner with Denim & Supply and pick out 3 different looks that fit my style.

Denim & Supply RL

Like I said before, you get spoiled when you wear Dri-Fit 5x days per week so I was pleasantly surprised with the relaxed vibe that I found at D&S. The collection is stacked with comfortable distressed denim while finding that perfect balance between loose fitting jeans that make you look disheveled and jeans that are way too tight. There’s a line and they’ve figured it out.

Denim & Supply RL


This Oxford Sport white shirt can be worn buttoned up all the way or unbuttoned at the top, either way it gives you a fresh look. These Slim Fit Traverse jeans add a little bit of badass with the heavily washed look and natural rips to offset some of the preppy-ness of a white collared shirt. Throw on your favorite sneaks and a black leather jacket and you’re all set.

Denim & Supply RLDenim & Supply RL


This look is all about the weekend and feeling comfortable while you run around the 6. Toss on this light Chambray shirt over your favorite white or grey tee, leave it undone and pair it up with the Slim Fit Traverse jeans again for a more stylized look.

Denim & Supply RLDenim & Supply RLDenim & Supply RL


I’m not sure how a person goes through life without this Military Sport shirt. It’s easy like Sunday morning and the rolled up sleeve straps tell you exactly how this shirt should be worn. Relaxed. Toss it over a low neck tee and pair it with the subtleness of these classic Jameson Slim Fit jeans. To finish off the look, go for a black leather sneaker or a pair of black Chelsea boots.

Denim & Supply RLDenim & Supply RLDenim & Supply RL

All looks can be found HERE at Hudson’s Bay Men.

This blog post was sponsored by the Hudson’s Bay and The Co. but the opinions are all my own.

Rudsak F/W16 Collection

Jodi and I recently had the privilege of sitting front row and attending the RUDSAK F/W16 collection at Toronto Fashion Week. We had seen many other collections throughout the week but this one definitely stole the show. The pieces were exactly what I would describe as Canadian style – lots of black, leather, fur and functionally warm but stylish at the same time. The show ended with a band of drummers sporting “The6” logos and drumming to Lorde – Everybody Wants To Rule The World. Can we say, epic?! Not to mention, I got to keep a badass leather jacket for myself. Perks of being married to a fashion blogger. Here are a few of my favorite snaps I was able to capture.

Rudsak Joe Rudsak F/W 16
Rudsak F/W16Rudsak F/W 16

Axe Adrenaline Line

Life in a big city can be extremely busy. I’m always on the go – in and out of the gym, training clients, food prepping, working on social content/business strategies, shooting pics for my lady’s blog and making time for family and friends, which is why the AXE Adrenaline Collection is the perfect line for me. I take my grooming seriously so I need products that are functional and can hang with me throughout the day.

The scent is fresh, not overpowering. The results are long lasting with no visible residue. And more importantly, you all know I’m a sucker for aesthetically pleasing packaging. This is definitely my new go-to line.

#FindYourMagic #ad

*This post was sponsored by Axe Canada

AXE Adrenaline Line
AXE Adrenaline CollectionAXE

The Lynx Board

The Lynx Board is the latest piece of equipment to hit the fitness market with its patented friction surface. The idea behind the board is akin to using skates on ice which helps intensify basic movements (mountain climbers, pushups, lunges) through friction resistance. The board also allows you to kick up your heart rate while keeping things safe and low impact.

I was lucky enough to join the Lynx Team for its initial stages of development as a fitness consultant. This was the best job for a fitness nerd like myself – you got to test the board, make recommendations, hang out in LA mansions for fitness shoots, star in cool fitness ads and more importantly, chisel your core in the process. All in all, it was a great experience and I’m happy I was part of it.

Lynx Board Lynx Board
Lynx BoardLynx BoardLynx Board

MVMT Watches

I’m definitely the type of guy who feels naked when he’s not wearing a watch. I’m not sure why that is but it’s kind of like a toddler who needs his blankie to feel confident. Okay, that was an awful comparison but you get the point. A nice watch is a must!

I recently had the opportunity to collab with MVMT watches and I was pleasantly surprised at the price point for these well constructed, stylish watches. Most people don’t have the kind of cash needed to buy a luxury watch and if you’re anything like me, one watch is never enough. If you want the same minimalist, high end stylish feel but at a fair price, than MVMT is for you. See below on how I styled my watches.

MVMT Watches - The ClassicMVMT Watches - The 40
MVMT Watches - The ClassicMVMT Watches - The ClassicMVMT Watches - The 40MVMT Watches - The 40

Bench Canada

Bench Canada recently launched their #LoveMyHood campaign and asked Jodi BLK and I to show them around the six for 24hrs. Read more HERE.


Jose Lopez Bench CanadaJose Lopez Bench Canada