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How to stay on track with your nutrition in our new normal

Most of 2020 has been spent indoors and I’ve quickly realized it’s really hard to eat healthily when you’re constantly cooped up and your stockpile of junk food is always available to you.

For starters, I’ve learned that you can’t have junk food on hand because it’s too accessible and too easy to excuse poor diet habits.

In the same token, we know deprivation and diets don’t work either, so what can we do to reign in our voracious quarantine appetites?

The solution: Eat delicious foods with a high nutritional value instead! I’ve found that getting in the kitchen and using quick and convenient recipes are the trick to staying on track.

Today I want to share with you two simple and delicious recipes that I’ve recently made using Burnbrae Farms Naturegg Simply Egg Whites and EGG Creations! Cheese + Chive.

For the first recipe, I used Naturegg Simply Egg Whites to make a delicious egg white, spinach, cherry tomato and cheddar omelet! This is one of those everyday, routine breakfast ideas you can use because it’s so simple to put together. It’s high protein, fast and convenient because you’re not wasting time separating whites from yolks and helps you clean out your leftovers from the fridge. My wife and I just introduced a new addition to our family and believe me, any time I can shave off while cooking is greatly appreciated!

Spinach, Tomato, Cheddar Egg White Omelet:

Step 1: Add butter to frying pan and cook at low medium heat.

Step 2: Add Burnbrae Farms Naturegg Simply Egg Whites and cook at a low heat until egg whites start to firm up.

Step 3: Add fresh spinach, sliced cherry tomatoes and grated cheddar to the middle of omelet.

Step 4: Fold omelet in half and allow ingredients from the inside to cook. Use spatula to press occasionally on omelet to cook off extra liquid and then flip and cook for 2 min.

Feel free to get creative and add any other veggies or meats of your choice to the omelet.

My second recipe is a great weekend idea, especially for all those summer BBQs. I love making burgers at home because they’re so easy to throw onto the grill. I find they taste so much fresher than the drive-through and the quality is much better. A homemade burger is also a great way to indulge and add some variety and richness to your everyday diet.

Homemade BBQ Burger Recipe:

Step 1: Add extra lean grass-fed ground beef to mixing bowl.

Step 2: Add all spice, garlic, salt and pepper to bowl.

Step 3: Add less than 1/4 cup of buffalo style hot sauce to bowl.

Step 4: Add Burnbrae Farms EGG Creations! Cheese + Chive for flavour and to bind together.

Step 5: Mix together, hand mold patties and then grill to desire internal temperature.

I hope you enjoy these two go-to recipes of mine, don’t be shy, let me know what you guys think!