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Last week, Jodi and I had the honour of hosting a charity workout event in support of Breast Cancer awareness. This event took a few weeks to put together and we couldn’t have done it without the help of Equinox. I have a whole new respect for event planners and what it takes to organize and execute an event!

I led the workout that day and Jodi partnered with Michi NY to pick out her favourite pieces with sales proceeds going to Mount Sinai Hospital for Breast Cancer awareness. We had an incredible time and by the looks of it, every one did too. It felt great to give back and knowing that we were all coming together to sweat for good, made the event!

In case you missed the workout, I’m sharing the details below:

Warm up:

Field Goal Rotations – 30 sec
T Hip Openers – 30 sec
Zombie Kicks – 30 sec

Standing Horizontal Mini Band Rows – 30 sec
Standing Mini Band Pulldowns – 30 sec

Walkout to Plank Shoulder Taps – 30 sec
Downward Dog to Alternating Shin Taps – 30 sec
Side Lunges To Rotation – 30 sec

Mini Band Squats – 30 sec
Mini Band Front, Side Back Steps – 30 sec per side
Mini Band Side Walks – 30 sec

Single Leg Glute Bridge Holds – 6 rounds of 10 sec holds
Superman Raises – 5 rounds of 10 sec holds
Plank Right Angle Arm Raises – 60 sec

High Knees to Fast Feet (alternating for 2 min)


(Left side first)
1. Stationary Lunge Band Pulldowns – 60 sec 
2. Lunge Pulse – 30 sec
3. Lunge Hold – 30 sec
4. Band Touchdowns – 60 sec
5. Duck Walks w Band – 60 sec
6. Low Plank to High Plank Band Jack’s – 60 sec
7. Pushups – 60 sec
(Repeat on right Side)

(Left side first)
1. One Leg Walkout to Pushups to Hop – 60 sec
2. Band Plank Rows – 60 sec
3. Broad Jumps to Reverse Crawls – 60 sec 
4. Woodchopping Plyo Lunges – 60 sec
5. Side Plank Hip Dips – 30 sec
6. Side Plank Holds – 30 sec
7. Band Glute Bridge to Crunch – 60 sec 
(Repeat on right side)

Cardio Blast:

1. Mountain Climbers – 45sec

2. Breakdancers – 60 sec 

3. Plank Plyo Tucks – 60 sec

4. Burpees – 60 secRepeat for 2 rounds


(Left side first)
1. Oppo Arm to Oppo Toe Touch Crunch – 25x
2. Single Leg Glute Bridge – 60 sec
3. Bicycle Crunches – 60 sec
4. Leg Raises – 25x
(Repeat on right side)

Thank you to all the incredible sponsors for their time, energy and services:

Lavelle, Equinox, Michi NY, Impact Kitchen, Good Goddess, GTS Kombucha, Brust Beverages, Bio Raw Salads, Revitalize Juices.

To make a donation to Mount Sinai, click here!

Photo Credit: Johann Johannesson