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I’ve been getting a lot of direct messages lately on IG about my diet, workouts and basically what my daily routine looks like. For example, I just received this message this morning:

“I was just wondering what (1) your macros are and (2) what you do to get a killer ripped upper body..” – Steven

I clearly didn’t need to include the second part of the question but I’m never one to pass up flattery. Kidding aside, most people are surprised to know that I’ve never gotten into the habit of counting calories or tracking nutritional facts of each meal. I’ve always believed in making smart choices that fit into my daily routine rather than worrying about counting every gram of protein, carbohydrates or fats. I don’t like obsessing over food. I prefer to focus on fuelling my body to take me through the demands of my day.

Today, I wanted to share what my typical routine looks like:

6:30am-7am – My day starts with coffee because coffee is life! I don’t like to overdo it so one cup is perfect to get me going first thing. With my coffee I like to add a handful of my homemade trail mix consisting of almonds, dried blueberries and coconut shavings. I don’t like to eat too much before heading out to the gym but this almond trail mix is just the right amount of fuel to energize my training without upsetting my stomach. Here’s pro tip – adding a healthy fat and protein from almonds to dried fruit helps reduce glucose spiking (slow down sugar absorption?). I throw the trail mix into my gym bag and snack a bit further if needed on route to the gym.

7am-8am – I’m at the gym. My workout varies day to day. I always listen to my body so depending on how I’m feeling (high or low energy) I plan my routine accordingly. On a high energy day, I would perform a metabolic fat burning circuit that’s fast paced with little rest. On a lower energy day, I slow things down. This can be as simple as working on my mobility through stretching drills or choosing one body part and only working that muscle group for the hour. This method allows me to train more frequently because my body has a chance to recover and it’s not being pushed to limit every day.

8:15am – Post workout nutrition is key. I typically opt for a simple chocolate vegan protein shake consisting of almond milk, cocoa protein powder and frozen bananas. I prefer not to include dairy products into my daily routine so I avoid drinking cow milk and whey protein powder (derived from milk too). I find myself way less bloated and energized with a vegan powder and almond milk combo.

8:45am-9:45am – My first client appointment for the day typically starts between 830-9am. I’m always committed to giving my client the best session possible. It’s important for me to be professional and cognisant of how hard to push a client so that they are maximizing their potential without risking injury. It’s a fine balance and just like each day is different for me, I have to be aware of my client’s energy state and readiness to train. In between sets while resting, we often discuss diet and I typically recommend easy to way to include healthy options and nutritious foods into their routines.

10am-10:15am – This is typically the time I spend driving to my next appointment. I don’t have time to stop and pick something up so convenience is key. With 3 more client appointments lined up for the day, it’s important to have a protein rich healthy snack like my almond trail mix on hand to keep me full and energized throughout the day. I would typically snack on this multiple times per day between appointments.

10:30am-2pm – My training day ends in the early afternoon.

2pm + – This is where I transition out of trainer mode and into social media blogger mode. I would sneak in a quick meal that’s high in protein with moderate carbohydrates such as eggs and sweet potato. Then, my wife and I use the rest of the day to focus on collaboration emails, writing blogs, shooting content, scouting locations and editing photos. I really enjoy this part of the day because it’s a great creative outlet!

Hopefully that gives you a glimpse into my daily routine and how I stay fuelled throughout it.

*This post has been sponsored by the Almond Board of California, all opinions are my own