Last night was truly an epic experience at the #UnlimitedUnleashed Nike Training Club event! I couldn’t help but leave the event feeling completely inspired by all of the great energy everyone had and the overall intention to put in the work!

The workout was inspired by Canadian Decathelete Bronze Medalist winner, Damian Warner. The decathlon is one badass event simply because you have to master multiple Olympic level skills in order to compete over the course of 10 events.

Attendees were running, jumping, cutting, pushing, pulling and sweating!

The workout was tough but we were all in it together. Even the trainer’s were drenched in sweat. As a reward for everyone’s hard work, each individual was gifted a free pair of the latest Nike kicks.

This was my first class as an instructor and it reminded me exactly why I got into training in the first place. The feeling of watching other’s strive towards their goals and helping them push further is priceless. Thanks to everyone who came out, worked hard and introduce themselves. Make sure you join us on the next one!