January is here.

It’s that time of year when you’ve had enough of boxed holiday chocolates, socializing and bingeing on Netflix. It’s time to recalibrate and an opportunity to start fresh. I personally try to steer clear of new year resolutions but rather, I take full advantage of the slower pace and focus all of my energy in getting back into my regular healthy routine. I started by cleaning up my diet right away and purging any foods that didn’t make the cut. My next step was to find a new gym. I’ve been training out of my condo gym but I find it’s quite limited in terms of space and equipment.

I recently had a chance to work up a sweat at my local YMCA. It had been years since I had to be to the YMCA but I can remember having a membership as a kid (in my hometown of Houston, Texas) and playing basketball for hours on end. It was a place where I could meet my friends, hang out and fuel my passion for sports and being active.

This YMCA facility was totally different. It had way more to offer from a weight room, a functional training area, a swimming pool, squash courts, basketball courts, a studio room for classes, an indoor track and an outdoor rooftop track too. The facility was massive. I joked to one of the staff members that the stairs alone were a workout.

As I toured around the facility I realized not much had changed. I saw a bunch of kids hanging out by the courts, laughing, shooting around and connecting with each other. It made me realize that this place was way more than a gym. The staff member showing me around had also mentioned that some parents would drop off their kids for the day and pick them up after work. This was a place that was safe, fosters a sense of community and encourages young and old to be active.


I realized that this was the perfect place to workout. First of all, it has every piece of training equipment I need. Secondly, I would be sweating for more than just myself. I would be sweating for others, for positive change and for humanity. I once heard a quote that has always stuck with me – “We vote everyday with our dollars”. The choice for a new gym is easy for me. I’m choosing to be part of an organization that seeks to create the foundation of a healthy vibrant future for others in the community.

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