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As a personal trainer, I’m all about tracking my progress. I spend countless hours in and out of the gym living a healthy lifestyle and without some form of metrics, it makes it really hard to distinguish if I’m utilizing my efforts in the most efficient way. Thanks to modern technology, tracking has become way easier – Enter the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro!

Since getting my hands on this fitness wearable, I’ve been tracking up a storm. From measuring my daily calorie expenditure to tracking the amount of steps I complete in a day, I’ve been able to dial in and pick my top 4 features that I personally find most useful and will help elevate your workouts too!

Feature 1: Heart Rate Zones

Tracking your heart-rate is one of the most under utilized components when it comes to maximizing your workout. One of my recent goals has been to lean out before vacation and reduce my body fat percentage. With this specific goal in mind, the aim is to keep each workout or run at 80% of my maximum heart rate. With the Gear Fit2 Pro constantly reading my heart rate, I can glance periodically and ensure that I’m always in the right heart rate training zone.

To figure out your maximum heart rate, use this formula here.

Feature 2: Interval Timer Nudges

Another way to kick up the intensity of each workout is by setting up interval timers on the Gear Fit2 Pro. I typically set up 5 min interval nudges which means my Gear Fit2 Pro will vibrate and let me know when to switch exercises. I love using this feature because it feels like I can turn off my mind and just focus on working out. This feature also keeps the pace of the workout high and doesn’t allow me to rest too long in between exercises.

Feature 3: Rep Counting

I typically use this feature when I’m going into high rep zones like during a CrossFit style workout. I don’t really like counting 50 reps of bodyweight squats or 100 sit ups. I tend to lose count with higher reps mainly because I’m in so much pain it’s easy to forget! This feature definitely keeps me honest.

Feature 4: Speedo Mode

To me, this is one of the coolest features. The Gear Fit2 Pro is able to undergo 5 ATM of water resistance. Gone are the days, of taking off your wearable before jumping in a pool or swimming in the ocean. The Gear Fit2 Pro goes into Speedo mode and will count your laps and swimming distances too.

Along with tracking my progress, the Gear Fit2 Pro has inspired me to aim for a daily #PersonalVictory. It can be as simple as squeezing out one extra rep at the gym or trying to beat my running time from the other day. Each small victory adds up to make big changes!

To learn more about the Gear Fit 2 Pro, click here.

*Promotional consideration provided by Samsung Canada