Hope everyone is having a great week!

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know that I’m always sporting my Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro watch during every workout. For good reason too – I’ve become obsessed with how functional and helpful the Gear Fit2 Pro is when it comes to tracking my health metrics.

That said, I’m happy to introduce another gem to my fitness tech family, the Gear IconX wireless earbuds. Upon receiving my Gear IconX earbuds, I decided the best way to test them out is to use them during a killer training session. Before heading out, I easily synced my Gear Fit2 Pro to my Gear IconX and finally to my Galaxy S9.

Now that I was ready to go, I popped in my wireless buds and all my tracks were instantly connected to my earbuds. I started with a few warmup laps and suddenly heard the Gear IconX coach prompt me to speed up a little bit, lol. Clearly I was slacking off!

The Gear Fit2 Pro and Gear IconX automatically detect activity so I don’t need to worry about interrupting my workout. The next thing I noticed was the freedom of training without headphones wires getting tangled up or lugging my phone around. I was able to set my phone down and perform a variety of explosive movements with my Gear IconX securely fitted in my ears. It was a great feeling knowing that I could focus on my workout and stay motivated with all my best pump up songs.

Overall, I loved how my new earbuds performed. The sound was great. Controls and commands are easy to use with a simple tap on the side of the earbuds. And lastly my favourite feature which I discovered by accidentally leaving my phone at home – I don’t even need my phone around to track my workout stats. My Gear IconX automatically synced with my Galaxy S9 Health App as soon as I returned back home to record all my efforts. How cool is that?!

Pick up your own pair of Gear Icon X’s here.