It’s been a week since I’ve come back from my trip to Nova Scotia and I’m finally getting a chance to sit at my desk and write about it. My wife and I generally book a couple trips per year to NS to visit her family so we’ve become very familiar with the area. This time around we wanted to experience it in different way, meaning when we didn’t want to sit around too much consuming bad food and just spending time seeing family and friends (rest assured we did that too!) We decided to research a few different hiking trails and fun outdoor activities we could do with her family while staying active.

The first hike we did was the Cape Split trail (see pic above). The total hike was about 3 hours (1.5 hours in/1.5 hours back). It was the perfect activity to get moving, engage with family and burn some of my mother in laws homemade tea biscuits. Damn those bad boys were good! At the end of the trail is a beautiful view of  2 separate rock formations and a walk out to the edge of the cliff. It’s crazy how rubbery your legs get with the thought of being on a narrow piece of rock 200 ft high.

The next day we went out on another hike, Blomidon Trail. This one was 4 hours total time, way harder and didn’t offer much of a view at the end. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you like going through torn bushes and getting bit by massive horse flies.

The day after we attended my wife’s cousin’s wedding at the Pictou Lodge. As I was checking in, I noticed the lodge had free access to canoes and paddle boards so we woke up early the next morning and enjoyed peaceful canoe around the lake. Being latino (latino people don’t canoe) and from a big city, I literally had to youtube how to sit in canoe. As my wife would point out, this was after I fell into the lake.

Nearing the final days of our trip, we spent a day at Rainbow Haven beach. Nova Scotia is filled with beautiful beaches off the coast but let me warn you, the water never really warms up for swimming (even in August). I looked at it as an opportunity to work on my mental toughness. Actually, if my sister in law hadn’t splashed me repeatedly I probably wouldn’t have fully submerged myself.

All in all, I had an awesome trip and I’m glad we were able to include some activity into our travels. I found that a vacation doesn’t have to be a complete write off when it comes to your fitness goals. There’s plenty of ways to stay on track if you keep your eyes open and are motivated.