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The action shot is everything in the online fitness world. It’s a way of showcasing a particular skill or feat of athleticism in an exciting way. It’s also a way to show your body in motion rather than another lame bathroom selfie.

I’ve been killing the action shot theme for a while now and it’s become increasingly difficult to conjure up new concepts without doing the same sprinter lunge that everyone and their grandma is doing these days.

Take the photo above for example – I shot this photo by myself with a tripod and a self timer and I think it turned out pretty cool. Granted if Jodi was available at the time, she would have be able to capture it with a lot more clarity. But you gotta do what you gotta do to get sh*t done! This photo was also shared on the TRX Training Instagram page (click here) and website blog page. And yes, I’m totally bragging right now, lol.

So how do you get your own awesome action shot images? Here’s a quick checklist of things to consider before shooting.

  1. Location is key. I always look for something architecturally stunning or a clean minimalist background. The location or lack thereof can make or break a photo.
  2. Form has to be on point! In order for this type of shot to be effective, it needs to look like it could be done with your eyes closed. Point that toe, extend those arms, go with an effortless or intense facial expression. Basically fitness model the heck out of that picture.
  3. Choose a fast shutter speed. You want your image to be as sharp as possible so whenever shooting action shots, go with a super fast shutter speed. It kills me that I’m not entirely in focus in the pic above but that’s because I was using a self timer and didn’t have someone to click the shutter.
  4. Wear the right clothes. Form fitting clothes are best. Wearing baggy or loose clothes is only going to detract from the movement itself.
  5. Be ready to do multiple takes. People often think you will get THE shot after a few takes. It’s important to shoot a few attempts then review it on the camera and fix what you don’t like. After all, you supposed to be working out in the photo so why not go for a few extra reps and sets!