The holidays are rapidly approaching and like most dudes my age, I typically wait until the last second and end up buying everyone generic gifts that fall flat. Thinking back to last year, I can still picture the unimpressed looks on everyone’s faces when I forgot to attach any form of label or greeting card to them #WorstFamilyMemberEver! My excuse was that I got too busy and just didn’t have time to put in any serious thought into gifting.

This year, I plan to make amends. I’ve realized that a little effort goes along way and it’s important to show others that you care with a more meaningful gift.
With the help of Indigo, I’m set up for success. I managed to outdo myself by finding everything under one roof for all my loved ones. From my wife to my nieces, I was able to find something that I’m sure everyone will like.

Since every gift tells a story, here are my Top 10 Indigo picks:

1. ‘Vogue The Covers Book’ – My wife is a style blogger and fashion obsessed. I’ve been told many times that Vogue is the style bible. And no, she’s not kidding. With that in mind, I’m not sure I can go wrong with this choice!


2. Faux Fur Throw – My mom is always re-decorating her house. Every time I visit her, I notice she’s integrated some new accessory that wasn’t there before. This throw is the perfect fit for her new couch. It’s super soft and will keep her warm when she’s enjoying her morning coffee and reading a book.

3. FitBit Charge 2 – I’m always trying to get my Dad to be more active and I think it’s starting to sink in. Lately, he’s expressed wanting to increase his activity level and track his steps. I always recommend that a person hit 10,000 steps per day for a healthy lifestyle. I’m hoping this watch gets him inspired to start.

4. Geo Lowball Cocktail Glasses – My brother is always hosting people at his new place. He lives that cool downtown lifestyle and these cocktail glasses are a major step up from the plastic cups he’s been using.

5. Mercury Vanilla Maple Syrup Candle – My sister is really into sweet scents and this Maple Syrup candle is just the right fit. This candle smells so good! I might have to pick one up for my own place.

6. Snow Globe Owl – My grandma loves owls. She doesn’t live in Canada so I only discovered this last year when I saw a collection of owl ornaments in the background of a skype call. I’m certain this one will be a hit

7. Expression Pillow – I’ve noticed that my mother-in-law has a lot of positive or funny quotes decorating her place. I feel like this pillow would fit in nicely with her décor.

8. Wood Slice Coasters – I really think my father-in-law will appreciate this one. He’s a very outdoorsy type of guy and loves any type of woodwork.

9. Schleich Riding Centre with Horses +  Schleich Mobile Vet + B Toys Tub Time Set – I have three adorable little nieces that bring me a lot of joy. I was tipped off by their mom about their favourite toys. I’m sure they will love my picks.

10. Three Times a Day: Simple and Stylish Book – My good friend spends a lot of time in the kitchen and loves to throw dinner parties. This book should bring her plenty of new culinary inspo!

Those are my top 10 personal picks from Indigo (SHOP HERE)! I’m hoping these items serve as inspiration to help make the gifting experince just a bit easier. Happy Holidays!


*This post has been sponsored by Indigo