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If there’s one item that every dude must have in their closet, it’s a pair of good quality denim that can step up any look, regardless of the occasion. And when you spend 70% of your time in fitness clothes, you better believe you want to wear a pair of denim that feels just as comfortable. Enter . I recently had the chance to partner with Denim & Supply and pick out 3 different looks that fit my style.

Denim & Supply RL

Like I said before, you get spoiled when you wear Dri-Fit 5x days per week so I was pleasantly surprised with the relaxed vibe that I found at D&S. The collection is stacked with comfortable distressed denim while finding that perfect balance between loose fitting jeans that make you look disheveled and jeans that are way too tight. There’s a line and they’ve figured it out.


This white shirt can be worn buttoned up all the way or unbuttoned at the top, either way it gives you a fresh look. These jeans add a little bit of badass with the heavily washed look and natural rips to offset some of the preppy-ness of a white collared shirt. Throw on your favorite sneaks and a black leather jacket and you’re all set.

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This look is all about the weekend and feeling comfortable while you run around the 6. Toss on this light over your favorite white or grey tee, leave it undone and pair it up with thejeans again for a more stylized look.


I’m not sure how a person goes through life without this shirt. It’s easy like Sunday morning and the rolled up sleeve straps tell you exactly how this shirt should be worn. Relaxed. Toss it over a low neck tee and pair it with the subtleness of these classic jeans. To finish off the look, go for a black leather sneaker or a pair of black Chelsea boots.

All looks can be found at Hudson’s Bay Men.

This blog post was sponsored by the Hudson’s Bay and The Co. but the opinions are all my own.