I was recently invited to a Nike Training workout event that was described as 30min of circuit training and 30min of interval running.  Now if I’m being completely honest, my style of cardio typically includes pushing a weighted sled, using battle ropes or working out really really reaaally fast. I had been slacking on my long distance game but I decided to attend the event, regardless.  Needless to say, I survived but I didn’t perform to the best of my abilities. The next day, I vowed to  start including short 3-5K runs into my training.  What I discovered is that running doesn’t suck that much!  I get to be outdoors (granted it’s summer in Toronto), check out new areas of the city that I normally wouldn’t have an excuse to explore and most importantly, I’m improving my health.  I’m 4 weeks in and haven’t missed a planned run.  I will keep you guys posted to see if it sticks.